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barre / bounce / yoga

welcome to barre 11

Come to your happy place. Where you unwind from your day. Where the workouts make you strong and the community makes you stronger. Where strangers become sisters and change becomes unstoppable.

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🍎✏️ Summer break is almost here and Barre 11’s Teacher/Student Special is Available Now!! 🍎✏️

For the 12th summer in a row, Barre 11 is excited to honor teachers and students by offering this summer special! We love being able to offer a place where teachers and students can meet their fitness needs while being encouraged, empowered, and refreshed!

** Home School Parents, Pre-School Teachers and Students qualify for this special as well! Maybe you have a child 12 and up that would want to come to classes with you. They are included in this special.


we are more than just barre

Barre 11 is the first boutique fitness studio in murfreesboro to offer barre, tabata boot camp, Pilates suspension, stretch, functional fitness, and bounce classes under one roof. Barre 11 fitness is a beautiful atmosphere where strength, health, and empowerment unite.

the 11 life

our life, your life, the 11 life. the 11 life is a complete approach to wellness. come be apart of the 11 life, come to your happy place.

1 Month Unlimited
(56% off)


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Custom Group Classes


starting at

In person or online.
The choice is yours.

Find access to expert barre, bounce, cardio and functional fitness from highly qualified and trained instructors. 

In Person Classes

Online Classes

You heard it here first!

Hear what our clients have to say about their workouts and their experiences.

Shay Wilson

"Barre 11 has been such a blessing to me since first being introduced back in November during the 11/11 special. I was just beginning my own health journey when a friend introduced me to this deal and knew I couldn’t pass it up as I’ve always wanted to try. I was desperately looking for a workout that I could enjoy doing as I could never motivate myself to go to the gym. I ended up trying it a week later, and I am so glad that I did. I fell in LOVE. Barre has helped me lose 25 pounds since making it a part of my regular routine. I have become so much stronger, healthier, and confident. I am so thankful for Barre 11 and the incredible instructors that have helped support and challenge me along the way. It’s changed my life! "

Why be a 10 when you can be an 11

Our mission at barre 11 is to provide women with meaningful, powerful, safe and intentional movement through various avenues of low impact fitness methods by creating a safe space where our bodies can be celebrated in an aesthetically pleasing environment surrounded by a supportive, loving and family-like atmosphere where change is inevitable to take place-physically and mentally.


how to get started

Your age, size and fitness level do not matter at Barre 11…we have a class for everyone. No matter if you want an intermediate, non-sweaty experience or if you are a cardio “junkie” looking for your next heart rate buzz…we have the class for you!

We want to take the “intimidation factor” out of the equation, so click "learn more" to get details on all things Barre 11!

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