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barre 11 faq's

what is the cancellation policy?

  • All morning classes MUST be canceled by 10pm the night before your class.

  • All other classes MUST be cancelled 4-hours prior to the start of class.

  • Unlimited members will be charged $10 for any no-show or late cancel. 

  • All package members and drop-ins will lose their drop-in class or a class from their package for no-shows or late cancels.

  • VIP members will receive 10 free late cancels/no shows. 

  • No-show and late cancel fees are charged at the beginning of every month for ALL no-shows/late cancels for the month prior. For example, if you had 4 no-shows and 1 late cancel in the month of July, then you will be charged $40 at the beginning of August.

what do I wear?

Barre 11 does not have a dress code. We want you to be comfortable and feel like yourself. We recommend yoga pants and a tank top or t-shirt. We do all of our classes barefoot or wearing grippy socks, but they are not required. You are permitted to wear shoes if you have a condition that requires shoes for exercise(such as Plantar Fasciitis). If you need to wear shoes, make sure they are tennis shoes and bring your personal yoga mat so that your shoes don’t have a negative effect on our studio yoga mats.

what do I bring?

We supply everything you will need from yoga mats to hand weights! You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer. We sell water at the front desk or you are welcome to bring your own water. Don’t forget your favorite heart rate monitor if you want to track how many calories you burn!

when should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class so there is adequate time to sign our waiver, show you where to store your belongings and set up a spot, and discuss any injuries or modifications with your class instructor. For subsequent classes, please be on time. Warming up is important and class interruptions can be a distraction!

how do I set up my equipment?

For all of our barre classes, you will need to grab a light set of hand weights and a small black mat after you place your personal items in a cubby. Next, you will find a spot. If a black yoga mat is hanging in between two brackets, then that spot is available. Pull the mat down and place it in between the two brackets under the barre. For barreFLY classes, just grab a set of hand weights after you place your belongings in a cubby. Then choose an available trampoline and get ready to bounce and sweat! Be sure to ask your instructor if you have any questions about equipment or set up, and definitely let her know if you have any injuries, limitations, or need modification suggestions.

what if I'm pregnant or have special limitations?

If you are pregnant, have chronic injuries, bone fusions or hardware that may limit your range of motion and need additional information to help you have a safe experience, please arrive at least 15-mintes prior to the start of class to speak with your instructor.

We are happy to provide you with alternate exercises, modifications and educate you on what to do and not to do to remain safe yet active and healthy! Our instructors are trained to support our clients through common injuries as well as through every trimester of pregnancy. Setting up a free consultation is advised prior to your first class! Click the tab at the bottom to set up your free consult with the owner.

what will the class be like?

Form Correction.

At Barre 11, our main goal is that you are doing it RIGHT so that you are getting the true barre experience! We always say, “You haven’t done barre until you’ve done Barre 11”! Our Foundations class is paced perfectly to improve even the most seasoned barre sister. You can expect a lot of detailed instruction. Your instructor will most likely call you by name to encourage you and give tactile corrections to ensure your form and body alignment is safe and effective!



During class your instructor will work your muscles toward exhaustion, hence the “shake.” You will be encouraged to “reset” whenever necessary to ensure your form is not compromised and you stay free from injury. When your muscle is past fatigue, you will find that you start to come out of the original set up for the exercise. When this happens, reset and shake it out allowing your body to recharge and get right back into position. Recommit and feel stronger than ever to continue working the muscle! Always take breaks if you are ever feeling like you need it; listen to your body and don’t worry about your neighbor. The class is all about YOU.



One of our favorite things about barre 11 is the community that is so welcoming! There are just plain GOOD people here and we love to see our barre sisters connecting. We do ask that involved conversations end once class starts. While an encouraging word to each other and fun, silly remarks to each other is just fine, we do tend get distracted from our best workout when we have full blown conversations during class! It also distracts other clients and the instructor, especially when the much-needed mental replenishment is enjoyed during stretch. On the flip side, if you are feeling the energy and want to give a big “WOOHOO” during class, then, by all means, go for it! We LOVE energy during our classes as it helps to motivate everyone in the studio. If you need to leave early, no worries, just sneak out quietly and let us take care of cleaning your mat and putting your equipment away.


Don’t Quit.

When you try anything new or visit a place for the first time, it will cause you to feel out of your element. For some of you, this is a totally new way to move your body! Sometimes it might take 3-5 classes to begin feeling comfortable and confident. Our goal is to make you feel welcome and capable. We don’t expect you to adjust to us. We adjust to YOU. Every single person in the class, even our instructors, had a very first class. Don’t give up!

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