What is the Teacher/Student Package?
This package is a discounted package for teachers at Mothers' Day Out, Pre-schools, Elementary, Middle, High-school, and college and students. Students must show their student ID.

What do I wear?
We typically do everything barefoot. Toe socks are okay. Just dress so you're comfortable: yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, anything that moves with you.

Do I need to be able to dance?
No! This isn't a dance class, it's just a fitness class based on dance techniques. Coordination is NOT required!

I haven't exercised in a while, will BarreAmped be good for me?

Yes; there are modifications for everyhing, and BarreAmped is, in general, pretty low-impact.

How hard is it?
It's as hard as you make it! There are modifications for each move to make them easier or to make them harder. Your instructor is equipped with the knowledge to help you tailor your workout to your needs.

How do I schedule a class if I bought a Groupon?
Create an account or sign-in to our scheduling system. Find the class you want and click on it to book; when it prompts you to pay, select "Pay in Studio." Bring your Groupon voucher to class with you, and from then on your credits will be active in the system.

Can I take my first class free?
No, but we do run specials from time to time.

How do I book a class/schedule childcare?
Create an account or sign-in to our scheduling system. Click "sign-up now" to register for classes. Click here to complete our liability waiver

Barre11 also offers childcare for morning classes on the weekdays for $5/child. You must pre-register for childcare with your class. First, create an account for each child you bring to childcare: find "My Profile" on our scheduling system and add your children to land Members and click the box that says you will be paying for them. Next, log out of the system and create a profile for each child. Please not that under "e-mail/username" it doesn't need to be an e-mail address. For instance, your child's username may be his/her name and a birthdate. Give them a password and save your information. When you schedule for your child, sign in to our scheduling system  and schedule YOUR class, then log out and sign-in under your child's account and schedule him/her for the coinciding youth services class. Purchasing Youth Service visits should be done under your personal account.

Healthy Holidays Package